Steps to establish a company in Dubai

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Complete guide to establish a company in Dubai

At Itqan, we’re here to guide you through the crucial Steps to establish a company in Dubai. We provide all the essential requirements to facilitate the establishment of your company in Dubai, simplifying the process of obtaining your residence and commercial registration within just three steps.

The UAE is indisputably a prime investment destination within the Arab region and the broader Middle East. Among the seven emirates, Dubai particularly stands out due to its strategic location, attracting both tourists and investors. Dubai’s investment market is renowned for its richness and rapid development, coupled with the numerous advantages and facilities it offers to investors and business owners.

When it comes to establishing a company in Dubai, it’s vital to understand that a company in Dubai is a legal entity registered with the Department of Economic Development, governed by the UAE Commercial Companies Law (Federal Law No. 2 of 2015). This legal structure extends multiple advantages to investors of all sizes, whether it’s a large corporation, a small enterprise, or a medium-sized business. However, setting up a company in Dubai entails several procedures and steps.

At Itqan, we’re your reliable resource for gathering all the necessary information to kickstart your business journey in Dubai. We offer insights into essential procedures for establishing a project in Dubai, provide valuable information on investment opportunities in Dubai, and offer comprehensive details to ensure your venture’s success. Our aim is to assist you at every stage of establishing a company in Dubai, making the process as straightforward and efficient as possible.

Steps to establish a company in Dubai
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What are the steps to establish a company in Dubai?
  • Determine the nature of the business or the company’s activity
  • Initial approval
  • Choosing a company headquarters
  • Statements of the authorities concerned with the activity of the establishment
  • Trade name registration.
  • Obtaining the license
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Steps to establish a company in Dubai

The UAE government offers many, many privileges and facilities to help investors when establishing an investment activity on its lands, but there are some steps that must be followed carefully to start your project correctly.

These procedures are divided into several stages, and companies are divided according to their commercial activity into 3 types:

Commercial – professional – industrial

Determining the company’s activity, in turn, helps to identify several things. The most important of which is the type of company, its legal form, and the parties from which approval must be obtained. The following are the legal forms of companies and the activities that are permitted to be practiced in the UAE:

In cooperation with

60+ UAE government agencies

Determine the legal form of the company

You must determine the legal form of your company in order to determine its type in order to register your commercial activity with the concerned authorities such as the Economic Development Authority

Companies are divided according to their legal form into five types:

– A limited liability company

– Solidarity Company

Public shareholding company

Civil Works Company

– A private joint stock company – Initial approval

You can obtain the initial approval after completing the first steps in the process of establishing a company in Dubai to help you follow up to obtain the approval of all the authorities related to the activity when necessary, However, foreign investors must obtain the approval of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs before obtaining the initial approval.

Choosing a company headquarters

There are several other things to consider when choosing a location:

The new license owner or local partner must be the same owner or partner in the existing license on the site

The total number of licenses owned by a citizen should not exceed 10 licenses subject to the system of multiple licenses on the same site.

The area of ​​the company’s site should not be less than 200 square feet

The approvals of the authorities concerned with the activity of the establishment

The various activities of the company require approvals from the authorities concerned with the company’s activity. which you can inquire about at the Department of Economic Development, including:

The Ministry of Economy for insurance activities

The Ministry of the Interior for transportation-related works

The Ministry of Justice for the activities concerned with providing legal advice

Civil Defense for the activity of selling firefighting equipment

Trade name registration

The company’s trade name plays a key role in determining the type of license granted to it. When choosing a trade name, there are several criteria and conditions that must be adhered to. The most important of them:.

  • The name should not contain inappropriate words. Not to violate public morals
  • The name should not be repeated or used by another company
  • The name of the company should reflect its commercial activity
Obtaining the license
  • Attach the documents required for the previous steps and submit them to the Department of Economic Development
  • Pay the trade license fee
Membership registration in the Chamber of Commerce

To register membership in the Chamber of Commerce, the following requirements must be submitted:

A copy of the license issued by the competent authority in the Emirate of Dubai.

authorized signatures in the delegated signatures card, Provided that the cards of the signatories are obtained from any of the branches of the Dubai Chamber, With passport photos of all authorized signatories. (Delegation is accepted after the conclusion of a notarized agreement or power of attorney). A copy of the memorandum of association (foundation agreement), This applies to limited liability companies and branches of foreign companies.

Submit a copy of the incorporation certificate (this applies to companies operating in the free zone) Pay the fees (if not paid along with the license issuance fees (Department of Economic Development).

Submit a copy of the incorporation certificate (this applies to companies operating in the free zone) Pay the fees (if not paid along with the license issuance fees (Department of Economic Development).

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Now that you have joined as a member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, you can launch your project and start practicing your commercial activity.

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