Establishing a company in the free zone

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The UAE now enables investors from all over the world to open and establish companies with ease. This is thanks to the free zones that the UAE provides within its borders. Entering the business market in the Emirates through free zones may shorten a lot of trouble and unlimited routine, as happens in many other countries. As the free zone is considered as a safe passage gateway to the UAE labor market with all professionalism and professionalism.

There is also a very important attraction factor in attracting investment to the UAE, which is the lack of taxation on personal or corporate income. Which makes the UAE a global destination for business investment. To further attract investors, The state has passed a law to regulate the work of free zones in the Emirates so that investors can avoid any legal complications in the future. All investors must look at all aspects of the law and study it thoroughly before starting to make any investment decisions, as the United Arab Emirates does not allow any manipulation or negligence in applying the law.

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Laws related to Establishing a Company in the Free Zone

Constant knowledge of business and corporate laws is one of your duties as a business owner in the UAE. In order to keep up to date with developments, And avoid any situations that may negatively affect your facility, Among those systems are the systems that govern practical activity. and consumer rights systems, intellectual property rights and systems that protect your rights, and the rights of employees and workers in your facility, and economy in the various emirates of the country, health, environment and safety systems, And regulations for free zones or specialized economic zones. and regulations for the geographic regions in which it operates, Both areas of development departments.

In addition, the laws concerned with regulating business and economic activities are generally applied to free zone companies. Except for Federal Law No. (2) of 2015 regarding commercial companies, which applies to commercial companies established within the country. Free zone companies are bound by the laws related to the type of economic activity in terms of its practice. property protection, health, safety and environment systems, In addition to the applicable instructions in the concerned free zone. In this, it is possible to rely on a company to help you facilitate the procedures for establishing companies, such as Itqan Company, which will provide you with legal and financial advice, In order to advance the work and accelerate its pace.

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Why should you establish a company in the free zone?

The United Arab Emirates announced that companies that are established in free zones within the borders of the UAE have special treatment and differ from companies that are established in any other region within the borders of the territory of the United Arab Emirates. The free zone has many advantages that made it different from other places, as it is characterized by:

  1. Tax exemption on all commodities and companies in which they are established.
  2. exemption of goods from customs duties, Which makes the price of all things lower than their counterparts in other regions.
  3. Ease of procedures for establishing companies

The United Arab Emirates includes many specialized economic and industrial free zones. Among the most famous of these areas, for example, but not limited to, is the Jebel Ali region in the Emirate of Dubai, which is considered a global hub thanks to its central location between east and west. Being the navigation stopping point for world trade traffic, In addition to Khalifa Industrial City (Kizad) in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is one of the most prominent industrial cities in the world. a center for industry, logistics and trade, Thanks to its wide area and strategic planning methodology, And many other industrial areas in the rest of the United Arab Emirates, Noting that the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones is the largest operator of free zones in the Emirates.


The UAE is trying to enhance its popularity with global buyers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and the best talent markets around the world. It strives to facilitate business creation by removing existing barriers and opening up the economy, And push the country into a stronger position as it prepares for the next 50 years.

Establishing a company in the free zone

The UAE is characterized by more than 40 free zones, in addition to some areas that are being established. Therefore, establishing a company in the free zone is one of the difficult things facing the investor, as it is difficult to choose between many regions. Therefore, Itqan Company, through its great experience in business management, With the help of many investors in choosing the appropriate free zone for their commercial activity, it also helps in establishing and establishing the company in the free zone in the least time and with the lowest costs.

What types of companies can investors establish in the United Arab Emirates?

It should be noted that investors wishing to establish these types of companies must own a partner who is a citizen of the country (the United Arab Emirates) or a citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, There are many types of these companies available for incorporation in the United Arab Emirates as follows:

  • Simple partnership and partnership companies
  • Industrial and commercial companies and individual establishments.
  • Companies that have a home business license
  • Small and medium enterprise companies in Dubai.

One of the advantages of working in the free zone in Dubai is that it is suitable for establishing any kind of work and workers. It also welcomes the hosting of many different types of companies that are being established. It is also worth noting that all free zones allowed 100% foreign ownership and full return of capital. In addition, it is the “Dubai Multi Commodities Center” that provides the effective establishment of a community of start-ups, small companies, medium-sized companies, and large companies, It also provides training courses and networking events from time to time and to enhance the value of the work.

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Establishing a company in the free zone,How to start travel agency business in dubai

How can you establish a company in the free zone?

Establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai offers distinct advantages over setting up a company within Dubai itself. Notably, companies in the free zone can enjoy full ownership by individuals of any nationality, eliminating the requirement for a partner or sponsor from UAE citizenship. These companies can be registered as free zone establishments, free zone companies, or subsidiaries/representative offices within the free zone in Dubai. Importantly, the parent company may be based outside the Emirates, and physical presence within the UAE is not mandatory.

Companies operating within the free zone are efficiently governed by the respective free zone authority, responsible for issuing licenses tailored to the specific location and nature of the business activity. The type of license granted by the authority varies based on the commercial activity. Establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai involves a series of steps, including:

Choose a company website

Agreeing on the trade name, as it is the name that distinguishes one company from another.

Obtaining the company’s business license.

Obtaining the initial approval to start work.

Trade license registration.

Completing and obtaining the trade license requirements.

The streamlined process for establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai makes it an attractive choice for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a flexible and accessible path to conducting business in the UAE.

What is the free zone?

The term free zone differs in its meaning and definition according to the type of free zone, but mostly the term free zone expresses a geographical area in which goods are preserved, stored, manufactured, traded and re-exported according to a well-known and specific customs system, but they are not subject to any customs duties. Free zones are also considered to be entities completely separate from the laws of the state, so they are not governed by the laws of trade in the state and do not need a sponsor, just as the company that is established in the free zone can be owned by a person of another nationality without the need for a partner from the UAE nationals.

The free zones in Dubai and the UAE in general are not subject to the laws that were set by the Ministry of Economy to regulate the commercial activities of companies, as this free zone in Dubai works to provide royal freedom for commercial business, in addition to tax exemption and exemption from any customs duties, and these advantages in free zones make it an ideal interface She is also a supervisor for international companies that carry out many commercial activities. One of the advantages is that opening and establishing a company in the free zone does not require the presence of a partner or sponsor who is a citizen of the Emirates.

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Advantages of establishing a company in Dubai Free Zone
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits abroad
  • 100% exemption from import and export duties
  • No tax on corporate gains or personal income in most cases
  • No restrictions on the use of currency
  • Low cost of operations
  • Pre-built offices, factories and warehouses
  • Quick procedures for incorporation and licensing
  • one window for customs clearance; Any multiple administrative services in one stop
  • Provides employment assistance and ancillary support services, Such as sponsorship and housing at the work site
  • Plentiful and inexpensive energy
  • excellent infrastructure, communications, and an attractive work environment

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At Etqan, we aim to demystify all standards and business prerequisites, enabling us to offer professional, dependable advice on prevailing laws and regulations. Our commitment is to inform our customers about all their rights while delivering establishing a company in the free zone solutions that are both cost-effective and tailored to their specific needs and budget.
Recently, the UAE has transformed into a thriving commercial hub that attracts individuals from around the world, all seeking opportunities for trade and business endeavors. It’s the organization and management of businesses within the UAE that have propelled free zones into the limelight as the preferred marketplace that everyone gravitates towards and anticipates when considering establishing a company in the free zone.