Opening a bank account in Dubai for Saudis

low cost business setup in dubai,Opening a bank account in Dubai for Saudis

For Saudi citizens, opening a bank account in Dubai provides several financial options and perks. Dubai, famed for its thriving economy and role as an international business hub, welcomes people of all countries, including Saudis, to establish banking partnerships there. Whether you’re looking for personal banking, investment opportunities, or to carry out international transactions, Dubai’s vast banking system has a variety of options to fulfill your financial requirements. This article will bring you through the necessary stages and regulations for opening a bank account in Dubai as a Saudi citizen, allowing you to handle the process confidently and easily.

Who is eligible to open a bank account in Dubai?

To begin this financial adventure, you must first complete the following qualifying requirements:

If you are a Saudi resident in the UAE, you are in a good position to create a bank account in Dubai without much difficulty.

Non-resident Saudis who do not live in the UAE can still open a bank account; however, the process is a bit more complicated

What Documents Are Required to Open a Bank Account in Dubai for Saudis?

To open a bank account in Dubai as a Saudi citizen, follow these steps:

  • A valid passport is required as your primary identifying document.
  • A house rental contract
  • Print of saudi national address
  • Verification of Address (Utility Bill or Rental Agreement)  Some banks may want verification of your Dubai address. This might be a utility bill or a rental agreement in your name.
  • Saudi IQAMA digital copy needed and six-month bank statement stamped by the bank
  • Passport-sized images, Some banks may want passport-sized images of you.

Source of funds: 

Be prepared to explain the source of the money you intend to deposit into the account. This is frequently required to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) legislation.

Account Activation: 

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive your account information and access to your account, which can be accessed via internet banking or a physical passbook, depending on the bank.

Maintain your account: 

Make sure you satisfy any minimum balance requirements and understand any fees or charges linked to your account. 

Please keep in mind that regulations and procedures may differ significantly between banks, so it’s critical to contact the individual bank you wish to open an account with or check their website for the most up-to-date information. Furthermore, keep in mind that regulations and requirements may vary over time, so it’s important to stay up-to-date about any changes to Dubai’s banking laws and regulations.

Choosing the Best Bank

Before you take the leap, you must first choose the best bank in Dubai. Here are some things to think about:

Begin by investigating several banks’ reputations. Read customer reviews and investigate the services they provide. A trustworthy bank can give you peace of mind.

Convenience is important. Choose a bank branch that is easily accessible from your home or workplace. This will improve the efficiency of your banking experience.

Examine the various account types provided by banks. Some are designed to meet specific requirements, such as savings, investments, or business accounts. Choose the one that corresponds to your financial objectives.

Several significant banks in Dubai’s dynamic financial scene provide a variety of current account choices to meet the different needs of customers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the region’s leading banks and what they bring to the table:

Emirates National Bank of Dubai (Emirates NBD):

Emirates NBD is a banking behemoth with over 900 abms and 220 branches across the UAE. They provide a Standard Current Account that includes a free debit and credit card, making day-to-day transactions a breeze. One of this bank’s distinguishing advantages is its willingness to accept new accounts in any approved foreign currency, which is very useful for expats and international investors. Emirates NBD also offers an easy-to-use mobile app for mobile banking as well as pre-approved overdraft options for increased financial flexibility.

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB):

FAB, being one of the region’s top banks, offers a Personal Current Account that, while requiring residency for registration, comes with its own set of benefits. Customers can get a free MasterCard debit card and even premium lounge access at certain airports, increasing their whole banking experience. FAB enables customer accessibility across the UAE with 630+ abms and 120 branches.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB):

ADCB is synonymous with financial flexibility. They offer the ADCB Current Account, which is designed for individuals looking for diverse banking alternatives. Customers benefit from free internal transfers, a user-friendly smartphone app, and a variety of online banking choices. ADCB expands its reach to meet the demands of its consumers by having 430+ abms and 48 branches.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB):

ADIB is well-known for its Current Account, which features increased withdrawal limits and an easy-to-use mobile app for seamless banking experiences. With 500+ abms and 60 branches, ADIB offers accessibility and ease for its customers, making it a popular choice among UAE citizens.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB):

Dubai Islamic Bank provides the DIB Al Islami Current Account to customers looking for Islamic banking options. This account stands out for its bill-paying capabilities for DEWA or SEWA (water and electricity) utilities, as well as a complementary chequebook, which simplifies daily financial activities. While DIB has a more focused presence in the UAE, with 90 branches, it offers specialized Islamic banking services.

Why bank in Dubai?

  1. One of the primary reasons many individuals and businesses choose to bank in Dubai is the favourable tax environment. Dubai is well-known for its 0% personal income tax and no capital gains tax. This implies that your income and investments can increase without suffering significantly from taxation.
  2. A healthy economy is vital for anyone trying to protect and build their money. The city’s prudent financial rules and sound economic policies contribute to its stability.
  3. Whether you require simple banking services, investment opportunities, or access to international markets, Dubai’s financial industry provides it all.
  4. Dubai’s strategic location makes it an ideal gateway for worldwide business and trade. Whether you’re conducting cross-border transactions or managing global investments, Dubai’s well-connected infrastructure makes these operations easier.
  5. Dubai’s financial sector is well-known for its creativity. Banks in Dubai engage in cutting-edge technology and offer user-friendly mobile applications, online banking services, and advanced financial products.

Is it necessary to be a UAE resident to create a bank account in Dubai?

No, it is not necessarily essential to be a UAE resident to open a bank account in Dubai. While some banks may restrict residency for certain types of accounts, many banks allow non-residents to open accounts as well. The criteria differ per bank, and some may have specific account types designated for non-residents or international investors. It is recommended that you contact the bank of your choice to learn about their specific account opening criteria and non-resident possibilities.


What is the minimum initial deposit necessary to create a bank account in Dubai?

The minimum initial deposit necessary to open a bank account in Dubai  depends on the bank and the type of account you desire to open. Different banks have different account options with varying minimum deposit requirements. It is best to verify with the individual bank you are interested in to establish the minimum initial deposit for the account that best meets your needs.

Is there any tax advantage to banking in Dubai for Saudis?

Yes, there are tax advantages to banking in Dubai for Saudis. Dubai is well-known for its tax-friendly environment, which includes no personal income tax and no capital gains tax. This means that Saudis who bank in Dubai could save significantly on their revenues and investments when compared to other jurisdictions. Furthermore, Dubai’s tax policies support financial growth and encourage individuals and corporations to invest and perform financial activities in the city, making it an appealing destination for banking and wealth management.

Can I access my Dubai bank account from Saudi Arabia?

Yes, most Dubai banks provide online banking services, allowing you to access and control your Dubai bank account from Saudi Arabia or anywhere else on the globe with an internet connection. This useful function allows you to check balances, make transactions, and monitor your financial activities remotely, ensuring that your banking experience is seamless and accessible even when you are not in Dubai.

What are the typical services provided by Dubai banks?

Dubai banks offer a wide range of services, including savings accounts, investment possibilities, and international banking solutions.


In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ve covered all of the actions and information you’ll need to create a bank account in Dubai as a Saudi citizen. By making an informed decision and following the steps mentioned, you may capitalize on the financial opportunities that Dubai has to offer while protecting your assets and interests. Explore Dubai’s broad financial landscape, seize investment possibilities, and reap the benefits of banking in one of the world’s most innovative and tax-friendly financial hubs.

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