How to Report illegal Business in Dubai: Ultimate Guide

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Dubai, renowned for its thriving economy and world-class infrastructure, is a global business hub. However, in any bustling business environment, there might be instances of illegal activities. If you come across any suspicious or unlawful business practices in Dubai, it’s crucial to take action. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of reporting illegal businesses, ensuring a transparent and lawful business landscape.

How to Report Illegal Business in Dubai?

Whether it’s tax evasion, unlicensed operations, or any other unlawful activity, reporting illegal businesses is essential for maintaining Dubai’s reputation as a secure and trustworthy business destination. Follow these steps to effectively report such activities:

Step 1: Gather Information

Before reporting, gather as much information as possible. Note the business name, location, nature of the suspected illegal activity, and any evidence you can collect, such as photographs or documents.

Gathering accurate and comprehensive information is the foundation of a successful report. This will aid the authorities in understanding the situation and conducting a thorough investigation.

Step 2: Contact the Authorities

To report illegal business activities, reach out to the appropriate authorities. You can contact the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) through their hotline or online portal. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest DED office in person.

Reaching out to the right authority is crucial to ensure your report is handled promptly and effectively. The DED is equipped to handle reports of illegal business activities and initiate investigations.

Step 3: Provide Detailed Information

When reporting, provide a detailed account of the suspicious activity. Use factual and concise language to explain the situation, including all relevant details you’ve gathered.

Clear and concise communication is key to conveying the seriousness of the situation. Providing accurate information will aid the authorities in understanding the scope of the illegal activity.

Step 4: Maintain Anonymity

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can do so while reporting. Your identity will be protected, and the authorities will handle the situation confidentially.

Dubai’s authorities understand the need for privacy and safety. If you fear any repercussions, you can report the illegal activity anonymously, ensuring your well-being.

Step 5: Cooperate with Authorities

Once you’ve reported the illegal business, cooperate fully with the authorities. If they require additional information or evidence, provide it promptly to support their investigation.

Collaborating with the authorities is essential for a successful resolution. Your cooperation ensures a smooth investigation process and a higher chance of addressing the unlawful activity effectively.

Step 6: Stay Informed

After reporting, stay informed about the progress of the investigation. If the authorities require your further assistance, be ready to cooperate.

Staying updated on the investigation demonstrates your commitment to resolving the issue. It also allows you to provide any additional information that may arise during the course of the investigation.

Key Points to Remember While Reporting

  • Be Accurate: Ensure the information you provide is accurate and well-documented.
  • Stay Safe: If the situation seems dangerous, prioritize your safety. Report anonymously if necessary.
  • Cooperate Fully: Assist the authorities as needed and provide any additional information promptly.


Can I report illegal business activities online?

Yes, you can report illegal business activities through the Dubai Department of Economic Development’s online portal. This convenient option allows you to submit your report digitally.

Will my identity be disclosed if I report an illegal business?

No, if you choose to remain anonymous, your identity will be kept confidential. Dubai’s authorities take privacy seriously and ensure your safety.

What evidence should I collect before reporting?

Gather information like the business’s name, location, and any evidence of the suspected illegal activity. This could include photographs, documents, or other relevant materials.

How long does an investigation typically take?

The duration of an investigation can vary based on the complexity of the case. The authorities will strive to resolve the matter efficiently while ensuring a thorough examination.

Can I report illegal business activities in languages other than English?

Yes, Dubai’s authorities understand the diversity of its residents. You can report illegal business activities in multiple languages, ensuring clear communication.

Is there a reward for reporting illegal activities?

Dubai’s government values citizens’ contributions to maintaining a lawful business environment. In certain cases, a reward might be provided as a token of appreciation.


Reporting illegal business activities in Dubai is a civic responsibility that helps uphold the city’s reputation as a trustworthy business hub. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can play a crucial role in ensuring a transparent and lawful business environment. Remember, your actions contribute to Dubai’s continued success as a global economic powerhouse.

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