ITQAN Holding

ITQAN Holding focuse on providing solutions and creative service to our partners, We have started from United Global Emirates.

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ITQAN Media covered a variety of areas of Advertising, Filming, Networks, Branding, Printing, Publishing, Digital Marketing and more...

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ITQAN General Trading

ITQAN General Trading works with a diverse range of products which it sells to consumers for business and government purposes. ITQAN Trading is distributing hardware products to different group of clients in UAE.

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ITQAN Holidays

ITQAN Holiday is one of Europe's leading specialists in holiday homes, where guests, homeowners and sales partners benefit from the unique combination of our robust distribution network.

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ITQAN Project Management

ITQAN Project Management manages various resources and aspects of the project in such a way that the resources will deliver all the outputs required to complete the project within the specified scope, time, and cost constraints.

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ITQAN Real Estate

ITQAN Real Estate provides a variety of real estate services to investors. We understand that you don't want to be in the real estate and property management business

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ITQAN Customs Clearance & Freight has a professional team in understanding export/import regulations that enables us to provide a comprehensive customs clearance service for exported/imported shipments to all countries and helps customers faster to Clear all customs related matters, they also know local customs rules and regulations and accommodate customers accordingly.

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ITQAN Yachting

We at ITQAN Yachting strive to create an enjoyable marine experience for all our customers using the latest technology and solutions, and we make sure that you enjoy calm and comfortable trips. With our great experience and attention to detail, we will finish any job on time and with the highest quality.

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